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Wellness Series - Earth Goddess

Ruth has longed to create a community here at Birtley and these series will hopefully connect you to a new space and open up new possibilities to grow, learn, make new friends and share the space with your friends. 

Women in the woods is an empowering series of events that helps us, women, to find our way in life to connect with each other, to find new friendships and new ways to nurture ourselves and talk in a safe, nurturing and dedicated space to heal in the creative arts, dance arts, healing arts, martial arts and natural health solutions.

Each session will be led by Ruth and visiting professionals that enjoy sharing their nuggets and their passion to support and be part of a special group.


Come to one or more seasonally themed sessions

1. Earth Goddess (workshop)


2. Unleash Your Goddess Within You (retreat day)

Scroll down to select the event of choice.


Women In The Woods - 1. Earth Goddess

Join Artist, Yoga and Nia Teacher Ruth Wheeler and other inspiring Women outdoors for a series of Summer Wellness Workshops and talks.

Sitting and walking outside we will be inspired by the nature that surrounds us, the trees, woodland and lake views give us the perfect opportunity to feel connected to nature and do a spot of forest bathing to foster our creative souls.


The first of our series will be themed around the Earth Goddess and Ruth will lead this session through a beautiful mindful walk and Yoga-nia Practice connecting you with your inner goddess. Gather around the fire pit with clay from the earth and we will create a goddess that speaks to us through our experience. We will each create her own natural perfume from the "gifts of the earth" with pure and potent essential oils that can be used on your skin or as a natural diffuser. You will then be guided through a visualisation lying on the forest or lakeside floor.

Each session will follow a similar pattern and will incorporate a mindful walk around the estate, we will dance, practise Yoga or have a creative session with intention followed by a gathering around the fire circle with a cuppa. Ruth or a guest female speaker/artist will share something special and we will finish with a guided meditation or mindfulness session.

For the full experience combine both workshops, alternatively, you can select just one if preferred.





£45 per person


What's included

All materials including firing 

Tea, Coffee and cold drinks

What shall I bring with me?

Please bring your own flask, cup and/or water bottle

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket and relevant layers

Women In The Woods - 2. Unleash The Goddess Within You


Ruth and Lauren would like to invite you to join them for the day in the beautiful private grounds of the Birtley Estate for a Women's Woodland Retreat Day - Finding your inner goddess or a soulful journey connecting to your inner goddess.

Ruth with guide you through a Nia Somatic movement/dance routine called Soul that connects you to the earth and your inner spirit which will begin our journey unleashing your true self and finding that inner goddess in you. Lying on the floor surrounded by nature we will slip into a deep relaxation followed by Lauren taking us on a guided meditation around the lake and through the forest to connect to Mother Earth and her healing.


We will venture along the forest path and look within to bring life to our Inner Goddess. We will awaken her from her slumber and free her from the depths of our minds, to release her being onto this World.

Ruth will guide you to create your own clay goddess while we talk with each other and connect to the grounding nature of the earth element. 


We will break for lunch and quiet time or time for a little walk. 

There is no experience needed as your Inner Goddess will guide your way and will support you in choosing the most beneficial and supportive crystal.

After lunch, we may practise Yin Yoga and lie back for a Yoga Nidra in the wild. 

Lauren will teach you how to call upon her when needed and show you what your inner goddess can do for you in all areas of your life. We will take time to get to know her and how she can aid us.

Once we have met our inner goddess, we will take time to get to know and discuss how crystals can work hand in hand with our Inner Goddess. Our bodies and subconscious will work as one and we will discuss how we can learn to trust in this and our Inner Goddess when making decisions and helping us live our best life. You will have the opportunity to choose a crystal that resonates with you to take home.

We will break for Tea and Essential Oil snacks followed by an essential oil workshop which leads onto our final celebration with Lauren where we will join her Inner Goddess Fire Ceremony where we will enjoy a magical Cacao Elixir. Here we will once again go on a meditation journey with our Inner Goddess and meet Mama Cacao. The messages and the sensations we feel on these journeys are sacred – we will take the time to write our messages of hope, belief and growth and we will use the energy of the fire to put these out to the Universe. We will take the time to celebrate our differences and embrace our Inner Goddess.

What's included?

All materials including firing (postage £5 payable on the day in cash)

  • Tea, Coffee and cold drinks

  • Oil infused snacks and drinks 


What shall I bring with me?

> Please bring your own camping chair, flask, cup/water bottle and plate.

> Packed lunch and tea (this keeps the cost down)

> Please bring a yoga mat, picnic blanket and relevant layers 

We can facilitate private groups and party bookings including hen parties and corporate events, please contact the organiser to discuss your requirements.

COVID 19 Policy
We would like to assure our visitors and trainees that we run COVID 19 safe events and have put together a list of procedures that we would like our visitors and staff to adhere to. Please see here for further information: Health & Safety




We reserve the right to alter or vary the programme due to events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control without being obliged to refund monies.


If the course is cancelled by the organiser for any reason we will contact you as soon as possible and will always endeavour to reschedule your booking for another date, however, if this is not possible a full refund will be provided.

Our full terms and conditions including our cancellation policy are available to view and agree upon when making a booking

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